Buying your first home is exciting however, it can be stressful.  It is perhaps the largest purchase you will ever make.  It takes a team of professionals to make the process go smoothly.  Arm yourself with a competent real estate agent, mortgage broker or banker, house inspector and real estate lawyer.  The best way to do that is to get recommendations from family and friends.  


It is wise to have your real estate lawyer review the agreement of purchase and sale.  You can request that your real estate agent insert a clause in the agreement that the offer is conditional upon the review of the agreement by your lawyer.   Your lawyer can point out to you any concerns or hidden costs you may have overlooked.  Most lawyers will review the agreement as part of their legal fees, or for a small additional fee.  It could save you money and give you piece of mind which is priceless. 


We can walk you through the process either by meeting for an initial consultation or discussing the steps by telephone or email.  We then send a follow up letter to you outlining what we will be doing on your behalf and what your next steps are.   We would be pleased to assist you in your first home purchase. 


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